Telehealth broadly refers to the use of technology by a provider to deliver healthcare to a patient remotely. This can involve multiple modalities, such as live video (2-way), store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and email/telephone.

Authors: Clese Erikson | Yoon Hong Park | Natalie Felida | Michael Dill

Topics: COVID-19, Telehealth

March 15, 2023
This article uses Association of American Medical Colleges’ Consumer Survey data to analyze the relationship between access to care and telehealth during the pandemic, with a particular focus on underserved populations.
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Authors: Theekshana Fernando | Margaret Langelier | Simona Surdu

Topics: Oral Health, Telehealth

February 2, 2023
This infograph illustrates the variation in teledentistry regulation by state to help oral health stakeholders understand those differences.
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Authors: Clese Erikson | Jordan Herring | Yoon Hong Park | Qian Luo | Guenevere Burke

Topics: COVID-19, Telehealth

November 15, 2022
This article discusses the association between payment parity policies and telehealth utilization at CHCs before, during, and after the onset of the pandemic.
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Authors: Brianna Lombardi | Lisa de Saxe Zerden | Christopher Thyberg

Topics: Behavioral Health, COVID-19, Telehealth

April 1, 2022
This article examines the use of tele-behavioral health by social workers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the perceived barriers and supports to technology use.
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