Telehealth broadly refers to the use of technology by a provider to deliver healthcare to a patient remotely. This can involve multiple modalities, such as live video (2-way), store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and email/telephone.

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Authors: Brianna Lombardi | Lisa de Saxe Zerden | Christopher Thyberg

Topics: Behavioral Health, COVID-19, Telehealth

October 16, 2020
This brief measures the extent to which social workers were able to transition to tele-behavioral health during COVID-19 and the barriers they experienced during this change in health service delivery.
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May 21, 2020
This webinar is a discussion with leaders of Health Workforce Research Centers (HWRCs) to get their perspectives on COVID-19 impacts on the health workforce.
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Authors: Leanne Keough | Margaret Langelier | Morgan Clifford | Nubia Goodwin | Tom Melnik

Topics: Emerging Models and Innovations, Integration and Collaboration, Oral Health, Telehealth

March 26, 2020
This compendium summarizes best practices in innovative oral health service delivery programs drawn from over 40 case studies conducted by the OHWRC in recent years. Organizations included were early initiators of service integration, mobile/portable dentistry, and/or teledentistry.
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Authors: Margaret Langelier | Carol Rodat | Jean Moore

Topics: Oral Health, Telehealth

December 1, 2016
This report helps provide a better understanding of teledentistry program applications, workforce strategies, impacts on access to care, the organizational structure in which services are provided, and the barriers and facilitators of teledentistry services.
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Authors: Patricia Pittman | Clese Erikson | Xiaoli Wu | Emily Bass

Topics: Telehealth

August 26, 2016
This report examines the extent to which telehealth is being used in settings that are among the locations most in need: the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) approved grantee sites.
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