Staffing relates to the professionals working within a given organization. Staffing configuration and supply are always important considerations. In the health workforce, staffing is used to effectively meet demands of patients and provide quality health care.

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Authors: Patricia Pittman | Jeongyoung Park | Emily Bass | Eric Luo

Topics: Community Health Centers, Nursing, Staffing

September 25, 2020
This article explores why the productivity of APCs varies across CHCs, as measured in their marginal contribution to overall patient visits.
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Authors: Tracy Mroz | Arati Dahal | Rachel Prusynski | Susan Skillman | Bianca Frogner

Topics: Nursing, Staffing

September 18, 2020
This article examines the relationships between organizational characteristics of skilled nursing facilities and employment of therapy assistants.
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Authors: Simona Surdu | Elizabeth Mertz | Margaret Langelier | Jean Moore

Topics: Data Analysis, Diversity, Oral Health, Staffing

September 16, 2020
This study analyzed gender differences in dental practice using the American Dental Association’s 2010-2016 Masterfile and the 2017 Survey of Dental Practice.
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Authors: Erica Richman | Brianna Lombardi | Lisa de Saxe Zerden

Topics: Data Analysis, Health Information Technology, Staffing

July 1, 2020
This research brief uses electronic health record data to describe the mix of profession­als identifying and addressing pa­tient Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).
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Authors: Nancy Baum | Jaque King

Topics: Behavioral Health, Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), Rural Health, Staffing

March 10, 2020
This report describes state incentives for behavioral health provider recruitment, particularly in rural areas.
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