Primary Care

Primary care acts as the first level of healthcare an individual receives. This typically involves interactions of individuals with nurses and general practitioners who aid in diagnosing and treating basic conditions.

Authors: Brianna Lombardi | Lisa de Saxe Zerden | Diana K Krueger | Erica Richman

Topics: COVID-19, Integration and Collaboration, Primary Care

August 8, 2023
This policy brief explores ways in which integrated health care (IHC) was modified during the pandemic, including communication, collaboration, and coordination of care by presenting 4 main themes from a qualitative study of 20 participants, 15 behavioral health providers, and 5 physical health providers.
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Authors: Samantha Pollack | Susan Skillman | Tracy Mroz | Bianca Frogner

Topics: COVID-19, Primary Care, Telehealth

July 11, 2023
This report examines the roles of medical assistants (MAs) in the use of telehealth to deliver primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Authors: Qian Luo | Mandar Bodas | Anushree Vichare | Jeniece Montellano | Nicholas Jennings | Clese Erikson | Candice Chen

Topics: Medicaid, Primary Care

May 8, 2023
This article assesses primary care providers’ participation in Medicaid programs across 45 states and provider specialties and professions, using the newly accessible national-level Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T- MSIS) 2016 claims dataset.
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Authors: Nathalie Pate | Hilary Barnes | Heather Batchelder | Lorraine Anglin | Mara Sanchez | Christine Everett | Perri Morgan

Topics: Education and Training, Primary Care

February 8, 2023
This article examines newly-graduated PA and NP perspectives of onboarding programs in their first primary care position and provides recommendations for employers hoping to create or strengthen onboarding programs.
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Authors: Emily M. Hawes | Evan Galloway | Cristen P. Page | Mary Roth McClurg | Brianna Lombardi

Topics: Emerging Models and Innovations, Integration and Collaboration, Primary Care, Scope of Practice (SOP)

February 6, 2023
This brief investigates the prevalence of colocation of pharmacists with primary care physicians (PCPs) and examines the factors associated with colocation, including geographic location.
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