Oral Health

Oral health is increasingly recognized as an important aspect of an individual’s overall health. Oral health care providers consist of a diverse array of dental care, primary care, and specialty care professionals. Oral health care faces many challenges including insurance coverage, diversity, integration with other health services, and the geographic maldistribution of providers.

Authors: Elani Hawazin | Elizabeth Mertz | Ichiro Kawachi

Topics: Oral Health, Policy

April 13, 2022
This article assesses the changes in dental care use in Minnesota after the implementation of the policy to authorize dental therapists in 2009.
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January 19, 2022
This webinar will discuss the origins and evolution of this workforce model, the process of authorizing and implementing dental therapy training and practice in states, and the impacts on patients and providers in Minnesota where dental therapists have been established and integrated into clinical teams over the last decade.
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Authors: Margaret Langelier | Simona Surdu | Sai Sindhura Gundavarapu | Shabnam Seyedzadeh Sabounchi

Topics: Diversity, Oral Health

January 11, 2022
This report describes the personal, practice, and family characteristics of dentists by gender and discusses observed differences in employment participation that might impact service delivery over time.
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Author: Elizabeth Mertz | Matthew Jura | Shen Wang | Miranda Werts | Robert Martiniano | Ulrike Muench | Enihomo Obadan-Udoh

Topics: Medicaid, Oral Health, Policy

October 1, 2021
This report describes dentists’ opioid prescribing patterns for Medicaid beneficiaries in 2 very different states—Oregon and New York—prior to the implementation of several national and state level opioid prescribing guidelines.
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August 31, 2021
This webinar describes the development and usage of social mission metrics and discusses implications for future work in this area.
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