Integration and Collaboration

Integration refers to the cooperation of providers within a single organization to deliver healthcare to an individual. Collaboration refers to the cooperation of providers in general to deliver healthcare services to an individual, with providers potentially coming from multiple different organizations. For example, oral health and behavioral health services are often integrated with primary care.

Authors: Aubri Kottek | Kristen Hoeft | Joel White | Elizabeth Mertz

Topics: Integration and Collaboration, Oral Health

April 7, 2021
This article describes the process of dental care advocate (DCA) role implementation and assesses staff and clinician perceptions about the role pre- and post-implementation.
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Authors: Erin Fraher

Topics: Diversity, Integration and Collaboration, Workforce Demand

March 20, 2021
This article examines the slow and gradual diversification of the surgical workforce in North Carolina.
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Authors: Lisa de Saxe Zerden | Brianna Lombardi | Shiyou Wu

Topics: Behavioral Health, Integration and Collaboration, Medicaid

January 8, 2021
This article evaluates whether a program on specialized social work training in integrated health care settings is aligned with state Medicaid expansion.
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Authors: Samantha Pollack | Susan Skillman | Bianca Frogner

Topics: Integration and Collaboration

September 1, 2020
This report identifies the many different settings where pharmacists work, their current and emerging roles, and the barriers and facilitators to greater involvement of pharmacists in patient care.
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Authors: Leanne Keough | Margaret Langelier | Morgan Clifford | Nubia Goodwin | Tom Melnik

Topics: Emerging Models and Innovations, Integration and Collaboration, Oral Health, Telehealth

March 26, 2020
This compendium summarizes best practices in innovative oral health service delivery programs drawn from over 40 case studies conducted by the OHWRC in recent years. Organizations included were early initiators of service integration, mobile/portable dentistry, and/or teledentistry.
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