Education and Training

There is a wide variety of health professions educational and training programs in the US. These programs are crucial for insuring an adequate supply of health care providers both in number and in preparation to meet the needs of the population.

May 17, 2023
This discussion is about the barriers and challenges to clinical placement of nursing students and help to identify potential solutions to these problems.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical and Registered Nurse Education

Authors: David Armstrong | Sage Shirley

Topics: COVID-19, Education and Training, Nursing

April 19, 2023
This research brief examines the impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate medical education and on RN education from the start of the pandemic up to the present.
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Authors: Nathalie Pate | Hilary Barnes | Heather Batchelder | Lorraine Anglin | Mara Sanchez | Christine Everett | Perri Morgan

Topics: Education and Training, Primary Care

February 8, 2023
This article examines newly-graduated PA and NP perspectives of onboarding programs in their first primary care position and provides recommendations for employers hoping to create or strengthen onboarding programs.
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January 23, 2023
This webinar describes how the Physician and Physician Practice Research Databases (3P-RD) were built and how to gain access to them for your research purposes.
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Authors: India Ornelas | Malaika Schwartz | Janice Sabin | Bianca Frogner

Topics: Diversity, Education and Training

January 17, 2023
The article uses key informant essays with faculty familiar with experiential education programs related to social determinants and health equity for training purposes, as well as to identify best practices and gaps in current models, and to broaden implementation of these programs.
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