Data Visualization

Data visualization refers to the graphical representation of data. Bar charts, line graphs, thematic maps, and infographics are all types of data visualizations. The goal of data visualization is to make complex information easy to understand.

August 29, 2023
This tutorial uses distributions of mental health related 911 calls in New York City to demonstrate how to utilize ArcGIS and Geoda to conduct an Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA).
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State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory

Topics: Data Collection, Data Visualization, Methodology

November 1, 2022

The State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory describes findings from a survey about data collection on health workforce supply (eg, demographic, education, and practice characteristics of health professionals), demand (eg, vacancies and employer recruitment and retention difficulties), and the education pipeline (eg, graduation rates and trainee/graduate characteristics). The data collection survey is ongoing and the […]

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Authors: Benjamin Stubbs | Arati Dahal | Hengyang (Ambrose) Zhi | Susan Skillman | Bianca Frogner

Topics: Allied Health, Data Visualization, Workforce Supply

June 17, 2022
This findings brief discusses the development of a Leveraging Public Data for Workforce Analyses Dashboard, which provides interactive visualizations of the supply of workers, aging trends, and commuting patterns for 16 allied health occupations and occupation groups.
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Authors: Candice Chen | Qian Luo | Nicholas Chong | Sara Westergaard | Erin Brantley | Edward Salsberg | Clese Erikson | Drishti Pillai | Katherine Green | Patricia Pittman

Topics: COVID-19, Data Visualization, Health Workforce Journal Supplement, Health Workforce Models and Projections, Workforce Supply

October 1, 2021
This article describes the development of 2 estimator tools—the State Hospital Workforce Deficit Estimator and the Contract Tracing Workforce Estimator—designed to inform health workforce planning during COVID-19.
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September 6, 2021
This tutorial demonstrates how to develop a study area composed of different geographic units.
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