Data Collection

Data collection refers to systematically gathering information about a subject or question of interest. Data may be collected from a variety of sources including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and existing records and databases.

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State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory

Topics: Data Collection, Data Visualization, Methodology

May 21, 2020

The State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory describes findings from a survey about data collection on health workforce supply (eg, demographic, education, and practice characteristics of health professionals), demand (eg, vacancies and employer recruitment and retention difficulties), and the education pipeline (eg, graduation rates and trainee/graduate characteristics). The data collection survey is ongoing and the […]

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Topics: Community Health Needs Assessment, Data Collection, Methodology

April 9, 2020

A Community Health Needs Assessment is when a group of collaborators come together to make an assessment of the population, resources, services, health care statuses, and health care outcomes in a defined community or service area that helps identify potential health issues for improvement.

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