Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is a component of overall health, involving the impact of behaviors like diet and exercise on an individual’s health. Behavioral health also refers to mental health and counseling services, as well as substance abuse and addiction prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.

Authors: Qian Luo | Clese Erikson

Topics: Behavioral Health

May 11, 2023
This article examines trends in DATA-waivered clinicians’ active participation in prescribing buprenorphine, overall and by patient limits, between January 2017 and May 2021.
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April 13, 2023
This webinar explores how organizational-, professional-, and societal-level factors intersect to shape wellbeing and job satisfaction, based on an 8-month ethnography at an urban pediatrics clinic.
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Authors: Lisa de Saxe Zerden | Brianna Lombardi | Erica Richman | Connor Sullivan | Evan Galloway

Topics: Behavioral Health, Primary Care

December 23, 2022
This brief provides information on where co-location of DEA-wavered buprenorphine prescribers and behavioral health clinicians occurs and and among which type of providers. As this brief details, co-location varies geographically and by profession.
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Authors: Urlike Muench | Matthew Jura | Cindy Park Thomas | Jennifer Perloff | Joanne Spetz

Topics: Behavioral Health, Primary Care

December 9, 2022
This article assesses rural/urban prescribing patterns in older adults with serious mental issues by primary care physicians and behavioral health specialists, and by clinician type.
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