A Novel Way to Obtain and Deploy Health Workforce DemandData: The Washington State Health Workforce Sentinel Network



Data CollectionMethodologyWorkforce Demand


Collecting, analyzing and disseminating health workforce demand data to inform state health workforce planning can be costly and time-consuming, and secondary data sources that provide detailed and timely demand information are rare, if available at all. Nonetheless, as healthcare transformation proceeds, there is great need to detect signals of changes in health workforce demand in time for appropriate responses. The Washington Health Workforce Sentinel Network was developed to detect and communicate emerging health workforce demand changes within a statewide network of engaged industry, education and policy stakeholders. Using an online survey tool, employer “sentinels” periodically respond to a short set of questions on recent workforce vacancies, demand, newly assigned roles/occupations and training/education needs. This webinar describes the collaborative process by which the Sentinel Network was developed, presents key findings to-date, describes current dissemination efforts and outlines future plans for Washington’s Health Workforce Sentinel Network.


1 hour

Event Date

March 20, 2018

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