RCQI: What Do HRSA Grantees Need to Know?

Many of HRSA’s current Funding Opportunity Announcements are asking applicants to use quality improvement techniques to ensure grant activities achieve their intended purposes as well as to promote continuous assessment and improvement of activities over the grant period. It is important for HRSA grantees to be familiar with RCQI and to understand how core components…

State Health Workforce Data Collection: Findings from a National Survey of States

As the impacts of health reform are felt across the country, states are recognizing the importance of having timely, objective, and comprehensive data on their health workforce to inform decision-making. A growing number of states are developing or planning to develop health workforce monitoring systems to use for health workforce planning. In order to learn…

Introduction to HRSA’s Web-Based Nursing Supply and Demand Model

HRSA’s web-based nursing model is a powerful new tool for health workforce planners and researchers to better understand future nursing supply and demand. The new web-based application allows states to examine the future supply of RNs and LPNs by practice setting in relation to demand for their services, and to explore alternative scenarios by modifying…

Introduction to the Health Workforce Analysis Guide, Part 1: Data Collection, Levels of Analysis, and Special Challenges

The 2016 edition of the Health Workforce Analysis Guide was developed by the Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center to provide an updated framework for health workforce planners, policymakers, and researchers interested in health workforce data and analysis. This webinar, the first of a 2-part series, provides an overview of the guide, with attention to the…

Perspectives on State Health Workforce Data Collection

In this webinar, HWTAC unveils its updated and enhanced state health workforce data collection webpage. In addition, researchers from two states describe their new health workforce data collection initiatives. Danielle Weiss, a primary care workforce program manager from New Hampshire, discusses successful efforts to introduce mandatory reregistration surveys for health professionals and Mary Lou Brunell,…

Surveying New Health Professionals: New York

In this video David Armstrong, PhD, reviews the resident exit survey process in New York State.ArrayJanuary 4, 2022 16 minutes Array In this video David Armstrong, PhD, reviews the resident exit survey process in New York State. 57January 4, 2022

Advancing Behavioral Health Workforce Research and Policy

Addressing the behavioral health crisis in the US requires understanding who comprises the behavioral health workforce, where they are distributed, and what policy and practice issues facilitate or inhibit the delivery of behavioral health care. During this webinar experts from the UNC Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center provided an overview of research efforts designed to…

HWTAC Webinar Series: Year 1 Overview

Learn about HWTAC’s experience implementing our webinar series and our key findings on topics to address when planning webinars.ArrayBrief Arrayhttps://www.healthworkforceta.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Webinar_Resource_Brief.pdfJanuary 1, 2015Array, Array, Array, Array, Array January 1, 2015

The Health Workforce Minimum Data Set (MDS): What You Need to Know

Learn about the Minimum Data Set (MDS) questions on demographics, education, and practice and how to effectively use MDS data to support health workforce planning efforts.ArrayBrief Arrayhttps://www.healthworkforceta.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/MDS_Resource_Brief.pdfJanuary 1, 2015Array, Array, Array, Array, Array January 1, 2015

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