Health Workforce Research Career Paths for People With Master’s Degrees

This webinar featured panelists with master’s degrees who work for academic institutions, consulting firms, and professional associations. They described their respective career paths in health workforce research and insights they have gained along their professional journeys.

Teledentistry: Bridging Oral Health Access Gaps in the Safety-Net

Though teledentistry has been in use for decades, the temporary pause of routine oral health services during the pandemic resulted in a period of rapid teledentistry adoption by providers seeking to serve their patients. Many states modified their teledentistry regulations, such as Medicaid reimbursement, to support the use of teledentistry by safety-net providers. This webinar…

Taking an Anti-Racist Approach in Health Workforce Research

In this webinar, participants learned what anti-racist research is and how anti-racism can be infused into research methods used in health workforce research. The speakers gave participants the opportunity to reflect on their own work and develop goals to shift their research to be more explicitly anti-racist.

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