Strategies to Expand Access to Oral Health Services: Emerging Models and Workforce Innovations


  • Jean Moore DrPH, MSN

    Director, Oral Health Workforce Research Center
    Center for Health Workforce Studies
    University at Albany, SUNY

  • Margaret Langelier, MSHSA

    Co-Deputy Director, Oral Health Workforce Research Center,
    Center for Health Workforce Studies,
    University at Albany, SUNY

  • Cynthia Wides, MA

    Research analyst, Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Services, School of Dentistry, and the Healthforce Center, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF)


Education and Training, Emerging Models and Innovations, Oral Health, Policy


There is a growing body of evidence documenting the relationship between physical and oral health, increasing interest in expanding access to basic oral health services, particularly for underserved populations. This webinar discusses key access barriers in oral health and describes findings from research studies conducted by the Oral Health Workforce Research Center that highlights innovative oral health service delivery models and workforce strategies aimed at increasing access to oral health services.


1 hour

Event Date

July 28, 2016