How to Use IPUMS to Study the Health Workforce

This webinar will cover the basics of using IPUMS for studying the health workforce. It will review the guiding principles for understanding how IPUMS data can aid research. The webinar will open with options for defining the health workforce using IPUMS industry, occupation, and education codes. The webinar will also cover 5 specific topics: 1) Measuring the characteristics of the US health workforce; 2) Accessing data on health care utilization and expenditures by characteristics of the health workforce; 3) Understanding the geographic levels at which these data are available; 4) Describing the time periods for which these data are available; and 5) Describing the international data available via IPUMS on the health workforce. The presentation will focus on the following IPUMS integrated data products: USA, CPS, Time Use, MEPS, NHIS, NHGIS, and International.

This webinar is co-hosted with the AcademyHealth Health Workforce Interest Group:

“The mission of AcademyHealth’s Health Workforce Interest Group is to improve health and healthcare by promoting research and disseminating evidence that informs health workforce policy and practice. The Health Workforce Interest Group is a focal point for networking, dialogue, and dissemination of high quality health workforce information of interest to policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders. Our members’ research spans a wide range of topics, including the relationship between the workforce and healthcare access, quality, and cost; improving data and methods to measure workforce supply, distribution, demand, need, and competencies; workforce diversity; as well as policy and program analysis.”
February 25, 2020

60 minutes


This webinar covers the basics of using IPUMS for studying the health workforce.

February 25, 2020

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