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Introduction to the Health Workforce Analysis Guide, Part 2: Secondary Data Sources for Health Workforce Research – Examples, Strengths, and Limitations


Robert Martiniano, DrPH
Senior Program Manager
Center for Health Workforce Studies

Length: 1 hour

Slides: Introduction to the Health Workforce Analysis Guide, Part 2

Description: The 2016 edition of the Health Workforce Analysis Guide was developed by the Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center to provide an updated framework for health workforce planners, policymakers, and researchers interested in health workforce data and analysis. This webinar, the second in a 2-part series, will provide an overview of secondary data sources available to health workforce researchers, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and providing examples of how these data can be used.

BSN Program Survey, as discussed in this webinar.

Download the guideHealth Workforce Analysis Guide, 2016 Edition

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