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Expanding Access to Care with Scope of Practice

Date: 03/20/2019Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Scope of Practice

The Oral Health Workforce Research Center developed an infographic that visually depicts state-level variation in Dental Hygienists scope of practice to help better inform policy makers and other oral health stakeholders.

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Consumer Survey of Barriers to and Facilitators of Access to Oral Health Services

Date: 03/01/2019Authors: Simona Surdu, Margaret Langelier, Qiushuang Li, Sohini Dhar, Mia StufflebeamResearch Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health

This report evaluates factors identifies by consumers as impacting their access to oral health services and explores differences in utilization of oral health services by demographically distinct population groups.

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Case Studies of 6 Safety Net Organizations That Integrate Oral and Mental/Behavioral Health With Primary Care Services

Date: 02/01/2019Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Integration

The objective of these case studies is to describe benchmark strategies used by safety net provider organizations to integrate health services delivery for patients including screening for and identifying medical, dental, and mental health conditions during health care encounters and directing referrals to appropriate clinical providers.

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