Vermont Data Collection

University of Vermont AHEC

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Email: Mary Val Palumbo/Elizabeth Cote

Telephone: (802) 656-0023

Reports on Website: Yes

Workforce research, planning, and development for primary care workforce is conducted annually. Each of the 3 community-based Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) conduct a survey of all primary care practices in its region to get a snapshot of the supply and distribution of primary care practitioners (PCPs). This inventory guides AHECs’ program development to address needs of the current workforce, as well as identifies emerging workforce shortages. The Vermont Primary Care Workforce Snapshot report is a compilation published every other year using data from the 3 regional surveys. (See their Primary Care Workforce page for more information.) The AHEC Nursing Workforce Research, Planning, and Development Program creates transparency in the healthcare field by collecting annual data and participating in national efforts to shape the future of nursing. (See their Nursing Workforce page for more information.)

Workforce Supply
Workforce Demand
Education Pipeline

Vermont Department of Health

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Email: Jessica Moore

Telephone: (802) 863-7298

Reports on Website: Yes

The Vermont Department of Health works with licensing organizations in the state to collect workforce data at the time of relicensing. Data is collected using Survey Gizmo.

Workforce Supply

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