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The New Mexico Legislature in its 2012 session amended sections of the Health Care Work Force Data Collection, Analysis and Policy Act to transfer the duty of collecting and analyzing health care workforce data from the Department of Health to UNM. The statute (Section 24-14C-1 NMSA 1978) also directed the Chancellor of Health Sciences to convene the New Mexico Health Workforce Committee, which includes broad representation from New Mexico’s health care professionals, health care consumers, professional groups, health care workforce educators, the Department of Health, the Public Education Department, the Higher Education Department and professional licensing boards. Under this legislation, the committee is required to: 1) submit an annual report to the Legislature on October 1 that includes detailed data on health care professional practices through the state, and 2) make short- and long-term recommendations on potential areas of improvement. In addition, the New Mexico Health Workforce Committee is charged with analyzing and making recommendations regarding incentives to attract qualified individuals, including those from minority groups under-represented among health care professions, to pursue health care education and practice in New Mexico. The committee convened in January 2013 and began analysis of data received from the professional licensing boards. The data available to the committee are unique in that health professional boards have instituted requirements for practice survey information with re-licensure. As a result, we are able to distinguish health professionals in New Mexico with practices located in the state from those who are only licensed in the state, as well as full-/part-time status, practice size, practice ownership, practitioners’ near-future practice plans, and other characteristics of health care practice that were not easily accessible before.

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