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University of Nebraska Medical Center, Health Professions Tracking Service (HPTS)

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The Health Professions Tracking Service (HPTS) was established to document the retention of Nebraska healthcare professionals. HPTS has operated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center since 1995. HPTS mails surveys to professionals meeting identified criteria annually and many practice locations annually/semi-annually. Responses are entered into a customized relational database linking professionals and facilities. The integrated data builds upon itself. If a clinic (MD, DO, APRN, PA practice location) has not responded to a survey within the past year, telephone follow-up is made to confirm contact information and professionals practicing. Additionally, HPTS compares data against Nebraska licensure and updates from a multitude of sources (news advertisements, good will notifications, contact with facilities, professionals, etc.). Data is confirmed and updated continuously. The survey processes for professionals and facilities are consistent; however, the surveys are tailored to the profession. Basic professional information maintained includes demographic, education, practice locations (primary & satellite), specialties, and more. Practice location maintained includes address, GPS, telephone numbers, professionals practicing, and recruitment activity. The HPTS relational database allows the maintenance of historical information. The database structure allows new professions and facility types to be added and surveyed quickly (in recent cases, less than 1 week.) HPTS is consistent with data entry structure – professional and facility names, education, addresses, etc. With this consistency, the data can be used for federal and state shortage area designations, practitioner contact information for the Nebraska Health Alert Network (HAN), a 400+ page of healthcare professionals/practice location directory, strategic planning, workforce reports, policy reports, grants, targeted mailing lists, GIS mapping, and more.

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