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The Georgia Board for Physician Workforce (GBPW) is a state agency responsible for advising the Governor and the General Assembly on physician workforce, physician assistant workforce and medical education policy and issues. The 15 member Board works to identify the physician and physician assistant workforce needs of Georgia communities and to meet those needs through the support and development of medical education programs. The Board’s responsibilities include monitoring and forecasting the supply and distribution of physicians and physician assistants in Georgia; assuring an adequate supply, specialty mix, and geographic distribution of physicians and physician assistants to meet the health care needs of Georgia; coordinating physician and physician assistant workforce planning with state funding for medical education; and the development and support of medical education programs required to meet physician and physician assistant workforce needs. The Board has collected workforce data on physicians for over 25 years and physician assistants for 9 years. The GBPW also approves and allocates state appropriations for undergraduate and graduate medical education programs in the state and awards service cancelable loans for physicians practicing in rural Georgia. Each year the Board administers a medical school graduate survey to graduates of all five medical schools in the state as well as a GME exit survey to all graduates of Georgia’s graduate medical education programs.

Workforce Supply

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