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For over 20 years, the Connecticut League for Nursing (CLN) and for the past eight years the Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce (CCNW) have: Collected, Analyzed and Reported on the Capacity of the Education Pipelines for Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs); Analyzed and Reported on the Supply of Nurses & Characteristics of the Nursing Workforce; Identified and Implemented a Best-Practice Model to project the Demand and Needs by Employers to fill nursing and a variety of professional healthcare roles; and Produced Data Reports & Infographics, Identified Recommendations, and Hosted Statewide Healthcare Workforce Summits to provide policymakers, educational institutions and healthcare employers with a comprehensive picture of the nursing and healthcare workforce in Connecticut.

Our data partners include: The CT Data Collaborative and The Office of Health Professions at the University of Washington Our healthcare trade association partners include: The CT Hospital Association, LeadingAgeCT, The CT Association of Healthcare Facilities, The CT Association for Health Care at Home and the CT Assisted Living Association Our workforce development board partners include: The Capital Workforce Partners, Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board, Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board, The Workforce Alliance and The Workplace These data provide a holistic view of CT’s current and future workforce needs which can guide and inform policy and programmatic decision-making.

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