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May 17, 2023
This discussion is about the barriers and challenges to clinical placement of nursing students and help to identify potential solutions to these problems.
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Authors: Qian Luo | Clese Erikson

Topics: Behavioral Health

May 11, 2023
This article examines trends in DATA-waivered clinicians’ active participation in prescribing buprenorphine, overall and by patient limits, between January 2017 and May 2021.
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Authors: Danbi Lee | Paula Kett | Selina Mohammed | Bianca Frogner | Janice Sabin

Topics: COVID-19, Diversity

May 9, 2023
This article examines providers’ observations of inequitable care delivery towards COVID-19 positive patients who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and/or have disabilities, and identifies ways the health workforce may be contributing to inequitable care.
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Authors: Qian Luo | Mandar Bodas | Anushree Vichare | Jeniece Montellano | Nicholas Jennings | Clese Erikson | Candice Chen

Topics: Medicaid, Primary Care

May 8, 2023
This article assesses primary care providers’ participation in Medicaid programs across 45 states and provider specialties and professions, using the newly accessible national-level Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T- MSIS) 2016 claims dataset.
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Authors: Timothy Bates | Susan Chapman

Topics: Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), Long-Term Care, Workforce Supply

May 4, 2023
This brief describes a conceptual approach to constructing a long-term care workforce shortage designation, similar in scope to existing Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) health professional shortage area (HPSA) designations.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical and Registered Nurse Education

Authors: David Armstrong | Sage Shirley

Topics: COVID-19, Education and Training, Nursing

April 19, 2023
This research brief examines the impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate medical education and on RN education from the start of the pandemic up to the present.
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April 13, 2023
This webinar explores how organizational-, professional-, and societal-level factors intersect to shape wellbeing and job satisfaction, based on an 8-month ethnography at an urban pediatrics clinic.
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April 7, 2023
During this virtual meeting our panel of experts answered audience questions about the birth doula workforce.
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Authors: Joanne Spetz | Jason Flatt

Topics: Community Health Centers, Emerging Models and Innovations, Staffing

March 27, 2023
This article examines differences in staffing between adult day health centers (ADHCs) that offer Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD) services versus those that do not, and whether staffing levels are associated with the percentage of ADHC participants with ADRD and their outcomes.
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