How Would a Certification in Harm Reduction Impact Service Delivery and the Harm Reduction Workforce? A Qualitative Study

By employing evidence-based methods, harm reduction seeks to lessen the negative health and social consequences associated with substance use. As harm reduction services continue to expand without the need for professional certification, there remains considerable variation in how the workforce is perceived and trained in harm reduction principles and practices. This article explores the harm…

Assessing the Training for Certified Peer Support Specialists Who Provide Mental Health and Substance Use Services

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened mental health conditions due to sudden social distancing restrictions, prolonged isolation, and increased disruptions in mental health and substance use treatment and support services. Peer support specialists play a crucial role in helping individuals with mental health and substance use challenges explore various pathways to recovery. These services…

Harm Reduction Workforce, Behavioral Health, and Service Delivery in the USA: A Cross-Sectional Study

Harm reduction, an evidence-based approach that mitigates the effects of substance use through prevention, treatment, and recovery, has recently been identified as an important facet of efforts in the US to address the opioid epidemic and substance use disorders. However, little is known about the behavioral health workforce working in harm-reduction settings. This article aims…

Preparing Behavioral Health Clinicians for Success and Retention in Rural Safety-Net Practices

Increasing access to behavioral health providers in safety-net clinics is vital to ensuring behavioral health care equity. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the factors that better prepare behavioral health providers to practice in these settings. This article explores how experiences with medically-underserved populations during the education of behavioral health professionals affects their…

UNC BH Test Dec. 22

This is Trish’s test for footer links on 12/22/23. A key goal of health reform in the US is to improve population health through expanded access to health insurance. Demand for high-quality, cost-effective, basic health services is anticipated to grow, particularly for underserved populations. However, there is also growing concern about the impact of health…

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