Using CMS Data for Health Workforce Research

This webinar will provide an overview of how to use Medicare claims and other Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data to conduct health workforce research. Presenters will discuss key files that are available, considerations and limitations of different data sources, options for data access, and potential linkages to other data sets. Research examples…

The Changing Public Health Workforce

A well-trained public health workforce is the linchpin to addressing current and future public health challenges, but achieving this goal requires a significant overhaul of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining staff. This webinar provides an introduction to the public health workforce, focusing on challenges that the workforce has faced since the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics covered…

Health Workforce Research Career Paths for People With Master’s Degrees

This webinar featured panelists with master’s degrees who work for academic institutions, consulting firms, and professional associations. They described their respective career paths in health workforce research and insights they have gained along their professional journeys.

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