Trends in Postgraduate Dental Training in the United States

Authors: Timothy Bates, MPP | Matthew Jura, MSc | Miranda Werts | Aubri Kottek, MPH | Bradley Munson, BA | Marko Vujicic, PhD | Elizabeth Mertz, PhD

Topics: Education and Training, Oral Health

Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research Center

September 27, 2022

Post graduate dental (PGD) training has increased 27% over the last decade (2009-2019). More than 75% of this increase was due to the growth of primary care training. Despite this increase, little is known about factors associated with the pursuit of PGD training and whether or not they vary between different dental specialty fields. There is also evidence that PGD training can influence access to care for underserved populations.

This Journal of Dental Education article examines the individual, institutional, and policy factors that predict the pursuit of PGD training.

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