“This Work That We’re Doing Is Bigger Than Ourselves”: A Qualitative Study With Community-Based Doulas in the United States

Authors: Paula Kett, PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCL | Marieke van Eijk, PhD | Grace Guenther, MPA | Susan Skillman, MS

Topics: Emerging Models and Innovations, Policy

Research Center: University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies

August 3, 2022

Community-based doulas provide essential services and expertise which address inequities and systemic gaps in perinatal care. However, as they work to improve perinatal health, doulas themselves are providing equity work amidst an inequitable system and with insufficient political or financial support. Increased compensation and systemic support which acknowledges the breadth of services provided are needed to strengthen and sustain this critical part of the perinatal workforce.

This article published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health examines the work experiences, related stressors, and stress management strategies of individual community-based birth doulas.

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University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies