The Hispanic and Latino Dentist Workforce in the United States

Authors: Elizabeth Mertz, PhD | Cynthia Wides, MA | Jean Marie Calvo, DDS, MPH | Paul Gates, DDS, MBA

Topics: Diversity, Oral Health

Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research Center

December 26, 2016

Improving the racial and ethnic diversity of the nation’s dentists is critical in efforts to reduce disparities in access to care and health outcomes and to better address the oral health needs of an increasingly diverse US population. The Hispanic/Latino (H/L) dentist workforce, in particular, is disproportionately small compared with the rapidly growing and historically underserved H/L population.

This article examines the Hispanic/Latino (H/L) dentist workforce, their practice patterns, and overall contribution to oral heal care for H/L and patients with limited access.

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