PA and NP Onboarding in Primary Care: The Participant Perspective

Authors: Nathalie Ortiz Pate, PA-C, MPH, MPHE | Hilary Barnes, PhD, NP-C, FAANP | Heather Batchelder, MP, LPA | Lorraine Anglin, PA-C, MHS | Mara Sanchez, PA-C, MMS | Christine Everett, PhD, MPH, PA‐C | Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C

Topics: Education and Training, Primary Care

Research Center: Carolina Health Workforce Research Center

February 8, 2023

With increasing growth of physician assistant (PA) and nurse practitioner (NP) workforces, organizations that want to establish a successful transition to practice for PAs and NPs should consider implementing onboarding programs. However, most new-graduate primary care PAs and NPs have specific transition-to-practice needs, and understanding these needs is important for proper implementation of organizations' onboarding practices.

This article examines newly-graduated PA and NP perspectives of onboarding programs in their first primary care position and provides recommendations for employers hoping to create or strengthen onboarding programs.

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