How Actual Practice of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Aligns With the Recommended National Scope of Practice in Rural Versus Urban Areas of the US

Authors: Davis Patterson, PhD | Benjamin Stubbs, MPH | Nikiah Nudell, MS, MPhil, NRP, FACPE

Topics: Scope of Practice (SOP)

Research Center: University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies

March 3, 2022

The National EMS Scope of Practice Model is a blueprint for states to develop scopes of practice for emergency medical services (EMS) practitioners. It is intended to reduce inconsistencies between states and provide a basis from which national standards of care and performance for each level of EMS practitioner can be developed. Such standards can help reduce health disaprities and improve patient outcomes.

This report examines the extent to which EMS professionals perform skills that correspond to the national Model credential levels. Variations in adherence to Model guidelines between agencies serving rural versus urban populations and agencies with volunteer versus paid staffing models is also explored.

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University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies