Dental Workforce Trends: A National Study of Gender Diversity and Practice Patterns

Authors: Simona Surdu, MD, PhD | Elizabeth Mertz, PhD | Margaret Langelier, MSHSA | Jean Moore DrPH, MSN, FAAN

Topics: Diversity, Health Workforce Journal Supplement, Oral Health

Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research Center

September 16, 2020

Between 2010 and 2016, the proportion of women working in dentistry increased from 24.5% to 29.8%. Overall, female dentists were more racially/ethnically diverse, more likely to be foreign-trained, and more likely to work in pediatric dentistry than male dentists. Gender diversification in dentistry and other factors, including generational differences and changes in public policy, continue to reshape the delivery of oral health services.

This study analyzed gender differences in dental practice using the American Dental Association’s 2010-2016 Masterfile and the 2017 Survey of Dental Practice.

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