Technical Assistance

June 12, 2020

Providing Support for Effective Health Workforce Planning

HWTAC will provide training and assistance to planners, policy makers, and researchers on strategies that support effective health workforce data collection, analysis and dissemination. HWTAC will employ a variety of methods, including webinars, virtual workshops, research briefs, issue-specific HWTAC webpages, and reports.

HWTAC will provide support to the Virgin Islands Primary Care Office with activities related to workforce data collection and analysis. Specifically, HWTAC will assist in developing an RSA work plan; analyze existing provider data and produce a summary report; develop a provider database using these data; and assist in improving the Virgin Islands’ current provider survey.

HWTAC will enhance health workforce research dissemination through the use of data visualization techniques. HWTAC will provide researchers with better information and tools to enable use of visual communication, including, common data visualization techniques, examples of how data can be presented in different graphic formats, and offering potential advantages and disadvantages of various data visualization approaches.