What Are Public Health Agencies Planning for Workforce Development? A Content Analysis of Workforce Development Plans of Accredited Public Health Departments

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed public health infrastructure gaps and the need for a strong public health workforce capable of supporting population health and promoting health equity. One of the major causes of the infrastructure gaps is ongoing public health workforce shortages. Recruiting and retaining public health employees and ensuring they have necessary skills are vital…

AHRQ’s Physician and Physician Practice Research Database (3P-RD) Webinar

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) created the Physician and Physician Practice Research Database (3P-RD) which captures census data of physicians and physician practices in 13 states, including characteristics that may be useful for analytic purposes. This webinar describes how these databases were built and how to gain access to them for your…

How to Condense Research Findings

This is the first video in our HWTAC Dissemination Video Series, developed to assist researchers in sharing their study findings with the widest audience. In this video you will learn how to: • Select research findings that will be the most impactful • Communicate those key findings with concise, easy-to-understand language February 8, 2023 18:52…

Physicians As Shock Absorbers: The Structural Sources of Discontent in Medicine

Despite repeated calls for systemic solutions to physician stress, few studies have actually examined how “the system works”—ie, how structural factors intersect in real-time to create unhealthy work environments. This webinar explored how organizational-, professional-, and societal-level factors intersect to shape wellbeing and job satisfaction, based on an 8-month ethnography at an urban pediatrics clinic….

Virtual Meeting Q&A: Growing, Sustaining, and Supporting the Birth Doula Workforce

There has been growing interest in recent years about doula care and its role in addressing racial disparities in maternal health. Over half of the states in the US are currently exploring or in the process of implementing Medicaid coverage for doula care. During this virtual meeting our panel of experts answered audience questions about…

Demystifying Infographics: How to Visualize Your Research

In this second video in our HWTAC Dissemination Video Series, learn why infographics are an important communication tool to help your research reach a broader audience. We’ll also take you step by step through the process of selecting content, creating data visualizations, and organizing your layout. This is follow-up to Video 1: “How to Condense…

Virtual Meeting: Barriers and Challenges to the Clinical Placement of Nursing Students

This discussion is about the barriers and challenges to clinical placement of nursing students and help to identify potential solutions to these problems.ArrayMay 31, 20232:00 pm156 mins https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kdOupqTsrGdSHXMMqTcznLYlpEQn1vq6x#/registration This discussion is about the barriers and challenges to clinical placement of nursing students and help to identify potential solutions to these problems. 57May 31, 2023

Advancing Behavioral Health Workforce Research and Policy

Addressing the behavioral health crisis in the US requires understanding who comprises the behavioral health workforce, where they are distributed, and what policy and practice issues facilitate or inhibit the delivery of behavioral health care. During this webinar experts from the UNC Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center provided an overview of research efforts designed to…

Virtual Meeting: Interprofessional Simulation – Communication Is Key

Our recent virtual meeting Interprofessional Simulation: Communication Is Key is now available for viewing on demand. During this interactive discussion, Dr. Briese discussed the process of designing and running an interprofessional simulation-based learning experience (SBLE) aimed at facilitating communication between long-term care, emergency medical services (EMS), and emergency department (ED) healthcare providers.ArrayJune 20, 20231:00 pm150…

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