Providing Behavioral Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Workers’ Rapid Transition to Tele-behavioral Health



  • Susan Skillman, MS

    Senior Deputy Director, University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies, Investigator with the Collaborative for Rural Primary Care, Research, Education, and Practice (RuralPREP) and Investigator with the WWAMI Rural Health Research Center


Behavioral Health, COVID-19, Emerging Models and Innovations, Telehealth


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted access to and the delivery of behavioral health services for both patients and social work providers. This webinar describes how practicing social workers transitioned to tele-behavioral health services during the pandemic. Presenters discuss challenges, practice innovations, and ethical/equity-focused implications to increase the use tele-behavioral health beyond the pandemic. Recommendations to ensure reimbursement parity, workforce preparation, and supports to engage patient use of tele-behavioral health are also highlighted.


32 Minutes

Event Date

May 20, 2021