How Can We Prepare Our Workforce for Future Care Needs of Those with Serious Illnesses?


  • Joanne Spetz, PhD

    Associate Director of Research, Healthforce Center at UCSF. Professor at the Philip R Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, Department of Family and Community Medicine, and the School of Nursing at University of California, San Francisco

  • Karen Donelan, ScD
  • Michelle Washko, PhD

    Deputy Director, National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, Health Resources and Services Administration


Emerging Models and Innovations, Policy


In May, 2018, 40 leaders and scholars from universities, delivery organizations, professional associations, advocacy groups, government agencies, and private insurance companies were convened to identify and prioritize recommendations to ensure an adequate workforce to support the care of people with serious illnesses in the community. Summit attendees proposed 16 overarching recommendations, spanning the workforce from home care aides through geriatricians. This webinar outlines the recommendations and places them in the context of recent research on how health care organizations are meeting serious illness care needs and federal policy initiatives.


60 minutes

Event Date

May 14, 2019