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Information about the effort to vaccinate the health workforce against COVID-19 and best practices for health care providers to improve vaccination rates.

(11/29/21) Judge Blocks US COVID-19 Vaccine Rule for Health Workers in 10 States
A district judge in St. Louis has prevented a health care worker vaccine mandate from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to go into effect, following a legal challenge from 10 states. The states impacted by the ruling are Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

(11/18/21) A Look at the Health industry’s Unvaccinated Worker Problem
This article examines the political vax divide debate from all sides. As of this article, 30 percent of health care workers are still unvaccinated despite imposed mandates by providers. Political affiliation plays a major role in who is getting vaccinated. Republicans are 26 percent less likely to be vaccinated than Democrats. The article also looks at the legal battle over Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement.

(11/18/21) Nearly One Third of Healthcare Workers in US Hospitals Are Still Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19, CDC Study Finds, As Vaccine Mandate Looms
New research from the CDC indicates nearly one-in-three workers in hospitals in the US are not vaccinated for COVID-19. This research found that workers at children’s hospitals have the highest rates of vaccination, whereas workers at critical access hospitals have the lowest rates of vaccination.

(11/17/21) Washington Loses 2% of Healthcare Workforce to Vaccine Mandate
Washington has lost 2% of its healthcare workforce due to vaccine mandates for hospitals and nursing home staff, according to the Washington State Hospital Association. Though the percentage of those who quit their jobs is lower than expected, the numbers are higher in rural areas.

(11/11/21) 10 States Sue Biden Administration Over COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers
A group of ten states in the US has sued the Biden administration. According to the lawsuit, the vaccine mandate is “unconstitutional and unlawful.” Attorneys general from the states of Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire filed the lawsuit.

(11/10/21) How One Health Center is Leading Chicago on Kid COVID Shots
This article from Kaiser Health News covers how Esperanza Health Centers in Chicago has become the top pediatric COVID-19 vaccination provider in the city, immunizing approximately 10,000 children. Building trust in the local community is the key for their success, according to their COVID response manager.

(11/04/21) 17 Million Health Care Workers Must Be Vaccinated by Jan 4 Under Biden’s COVID-19 Mandate
A new vaccination rule from the Biden administration will require 17 million health care workers in hospitals and health care facilities across the United States to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4, 2022.

(10/29/21) New York State Health Care Workers Will No Longer Have Religious Exemption to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Court Rules
A federal appeals court vacated a temporary injunction allowing religious exemptions to New York’s vaccination mandate. Nearly 16,000 health care workers had been granted religious exemption from the vaccination requirement.

(10/27/21) First Circuit Upholds Maine Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers
This article from The National Law Review reports that a unanimous panel of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit affirmed the Maine District Court’s dismissal of a preliminary injunction challenging Maine’s COVID-19 immunization requirement for health care employees. The plaintiffs that consist of unvaccinated health care professionals, sought a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. The First Circuit underscored the legitimacy of Maine’s intent in imposing the mandate. It also said that a religious exemption would contradict Maine’s interest in preserving the health of its most vulnerable communities. According to the court, “few interests are more compelling than preserving public health against a lethal virus.”

(10/25/21) HIPAA Does Not Prohibit Health Care Providers From Requesting COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Patients, Employees
This article from the American Dental Association highlights recent guidance from the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, outlining that health care providers are not violating HIPAA privacy rules when requesting to know COVID-19 vaccination status of their patients or employees.

(10/21/21) Vaccination Mandates Contributing to Workforce Supply Problems, Federal Report Says
Although there are high demand for workers in the US, labor growth is being disrupted by low supply of workers, according to a report published by the Federal Reserve. The report found that issues that contributed to high turnover in businesses are vaccine mandates, childcare issues, and pandemic-related absences.

(10/21/21) WHO Estimate: 115,000 Health Workers Have Died From COVID-19, as Calls for Vaccine Access Grow
Around 115,000 health care workers have died from COVID-19 from January 2020 to May 2021, according to a new estimate from the World Health Organization. According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, globally, 2 in 5 health care workers are fully vaccinated. Tedros also reported in his briefing that there remains massive disparities in vaccine access globally and he called for countries to prioritize health care workers in vaccination rollouts.

(10/13/2021) Federal Judge Refuses to Block Maine Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers
This article reports the first judicial decision in which a federal judge has decided that Maine does not have to allow health-care workers to refuse vaccinations because of religious beliefs. Nine workers sued the state to request a religious exemption of vaccination, which would have temporarily halted the mandate, but the court rejected it. The judge wrote that “Reducing the risk of adverse medical consequences for a high-risk segment of the population is essential to achieving the public health objective of the vaccine mandate.”

(10/13/2021) Many Minnesota Health Care Workers Fighting Vaccine Mandate Have Received Exemptions
In Minnesota, many health care workers who filed a lawsuit to stop the mandate have received a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. While Judge Nancy Brasel of the US District Court rejected the health care employees’ request for an injunction to prevent their employers from implementing the vaccination requirement, as one of the attorneys who represent the health care workers said, 70% of the plaintiffs have already obtained a vaccination exemption, mainly for religious reasons.

(10/07/21) Beyond the Byline: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Test Hospitals’ Culture
In this Modern Healthcare podcast, Senior Hospital Operations Reporter Alex Kacik, staffing reporter Ginger Chirst, and editor Jeffery Young discuss COVID-19 vaccine mandates and staffing issues.

(10/07/21) Thousands of Home Health Workers May Lose Jobs as NY’s Vaccine Mandate Looms. What to Know
As New York’s vaccine mandate approaches, thousands of New York home health care workers are at risk of losing their jobs. The vaccine mandate is for 270,000 home health care service workers, and according to a survey conducted in September by the Home Care Health Association of New York, nearly 12,000 of those say they would rather quit or be fired than get vaccinated.

(09/30/21) Hundreds of Hospital Staffers Fired or Suspended for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
Following a mandate announced by President Biden early in September, health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement are now required to let go of staff who refuse to vaccinate for COVID-19. This, paired with some state mandates for health care workers, is impacting a small number of health care workers in facilities throughout the United States, but with existing staffing shortages, this is a concerning development.

(09/28/21) New York’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers Leads to Suspension of Hundreds of Holdouts
Although vaccination rates have increased in the month since the announcement of a vaccination mandate for all health care workers in the state, a requirement by September 27, 2021. Hundreds of employees in hospitals and medical centers in New York have been suspended as a result of the policy, however the vast majority of health care workers have received at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

(9/23/21) The COVID-19 Vaccine Health Care Worker Holdouts: for Them, It’s Personal. For Their Hospitals It’s Professional
While the Biden Administration believes that vaccine mandates are needed to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, controversies over whether vaccination against COVID-19 is a personal medical decision. Experts and health care workers say that more efforts to understand concerns over vaccines among health care workers are needed rather than strictly enforcing vaccination.

(09/22/21) Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Among US Health Care Personnel
A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine looks at the impact of two mRNA vaccines for COVID-19, the Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, on preventing symptomatic infection among health care workers in their workplaces. This study was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and found the vaccines to be highly effective in a real-world setting, which involved health care workers working at facilities in 25 states.

(09/22/21) FDA Authorizes Booster Dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for Certain Populations
The Food and Drug Administration has announced authorization for a booster dose for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, with health care workers being named among qualifying populations.

(09/18/21) In the Fight Against COVID, Health Workers Aren’t Immune to Vaccine Misinformation
In the United States, 27% of health care workers are still unvaccinated, with lower vaccination rates among nurses and nursing home aides than physicians. This article from NPR highlights how misinformation works to create vaccine hesitancy among staff, with vaccine mandates potentially scaring off more, especially among rural hospitals.

(09/14/21) President Biden Enacts Executive Orders Requiring Covid-19 Vaccines Across Federal Government and in Private Sector
A recent executive order signed by President Biden includes multiple new mandates relating to health care workers, especially those who receive Medicare or Medicaid funding. The order mandates that workers will be required to vaccinate for COVID-19 in any facility that receives reimbursement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

(09/09/21) CMS to Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Workers in ‘Most Health Care Settings’ – Including Home Health Care
New guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will require COVID-19 vaccination for workers in most settings that receive Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, including home health care settings.

(08/31/21) UPDATE: Hospitals, Health Systems Mandating Vaccines for Workers
This webpage from Becker’s Healthcare provides the list of healthcare organizations and states that have announced mandates of vaccines against COVID-19.

(08/31/21) Lack of a Vaccine Mandate Becomes Competitive Advantage in Hospital Staffing Wars
This article explains that mandating COVID-19 vaccines has become a serious challenge for small, rural hospitals. As workforce shortage has continued since the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have oscillated between the risk of COVID-19 and losing their workers due to a vaccine mandate. While urban, bigger hospitals have implemented vaccine mandates and used them as a selling point to recruit staff and patients, this has become a hard choice for other rural, regional hospitals as cases surge again.

(08/31/21) Vaccine Mandate Complicates California’s Nursing Shortage
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing staffing shortages in several California hospitals. The state’s new COVID-19 vaccination requirement for healthcare workers complicates matters. Some visiting nurses refuse to work in California because they fear being vaccinated.

(08/30/21) New York State Issues Emergency Regulation Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Care Workers
Personnel at hospitals, nursing homes, adult care institutions, and hospices in New York State must be COVID-19 vaccinated by an emergency regulation. The Public Health and Health Planning Council adopted the rule on August 26, 2021. D&TCs, CHHAs, LHCSAs, and other health care providers are covered entities under the emergency rule. General hospitals and nursing homes must vaccinate staff by September 2021; other organizations must vaccinate by October 2021. Health and Human Services (PHHPC) of New York released emergency rules for covered entities. The rule mandates that all health care workers, whether or not vaccinated, wear facial covers.

(08/29/21) About 1 in 8 Nurses Hasn’t Gotten a COVID-19 Vaccine or Doesn’t Plan to Get One, a New Survey Finds, Setting Up the Potential for More Staffing Shortages at Hospitals
According to a survey, one out of every eight nurses has not had or plans to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Nearly 5,000 nurses from throughout the United States were polled by the American Nurses Association. Hospitals are debating whether or not to mandate coronavirus vaccination for its employees. In December, healthcare professionals in the United States were eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination, months before the rest of the country. According to the CDC, 52.3 percent of Americans were completely vaccinated at the time of reporting, while 61.6 percent had gotten at least one dose.

(08/27/21) Initial Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines to Front-Line Hospital Workers and Community First Responders—A Prospective Descriptive Study
This article published in Journal of Healthcare Risk Management presents the demographic and side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines among front-line healthcare workers. The results suggest that pains and fatigues are the most common types of side effects resulting in missed time from work among front-line healthcare workers.

(08/27/21) It’s Easy to Judge the Unvaccinated. As a Doctor, I See a Better Alternative
Jay Baruch, who is an emergency physician, professor of emergency medicine, director of the medical humanities and bioethics scholarly concentration at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, explains why we need to communicate with unvaccinated people and non-compliance of public health guidelines while fighting misinformation in the COVID-19 pandemic. He suggests that, to persuade people and get them to think, we must let them know that our purpose is not to convince people with contrary opinions and approach with stories rather than pushing with evidence.

(08/27/21) ‘Tired of Worrying’: As Some Parents Press for Vaccines Off-label, Pediatricians Call for Patience
While the FDA and the CDC announced full approval of the Pfizer.BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned that any children under the age of 12 should wait until additional evidence on the right dosage of the vaccines for children. It is likely that children will need a different dose. Vaccine studies for children under the age of 12 are now underway, and doctors advise parents to wait until they are finished

08/27/21) New York State Removes Religious Exemption From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
This article from Becker’s Hospital Review discusses New York state’s newly approved emergency regulations for health care workers which will supersede previous requirements. The previous emergency regulations permitted health care workers to receive medical and religious exemptions from the vaccination requirement. However, religious exemption from the vaccination requirement was removed and additional institutions were included in the mandate. Health care workers at hospitals and nursing homes are still expected to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination dose by September 27, 2021, but workers at newly added institutions have until October 7, 2021.

(08/25/21) COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence in Geographic Areas of Need
This upcoming webinar from the Alliance for Health Policy features four expert speakers on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in specific geographic areas, given recent polling data from the African American Research Collaborative on how African American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native American communities view COVID-19 vaccination.

(08/24/21) 11 States Banning COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates & How They Affect Healthcare Workers
This article from Becker’s Hospital Review highlights the eleven states that have signed bills in efforts to restrict COVID-19 vaccine mandates. While some states have prohibited COVID-19 vaccination mandates altogether, most states have only restricted employers from mandating vaccination as a condition of employment.

(08/19/2021) Oregon to Require Health Workers, School Staff Be Vaccinated
Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced Thursday that all Oregon health care workers will be required to get fully vaccinated by October Oct. 18 or six weeks after full Food and Drug Administration approval. The vaccine mandate was met with mixed response across Oregon. According to the state’s largest nursing union, the governor’s order might prompt some health workers to leave the profession because they are “deeply opposed to vaccine mandates.”

(08/19/2021) Latest ANA Survey: Majority of Nurses Back Covid Vaccine Science, Mask Mandates
A new survey by the American Nurses Association (ANA) in conjunc tion with the COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses Campaign, finds that the majority of nurses agree with the COVID-19 vaccine science and are supportive of mandatory vaccinations for all employees. Of the 4,500 nurses nationwide that were surveyed, 58 percent support mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. 85 percent agreed to get the vaccine shot if recommended.

(08/18/21) Gov Polis Seeks Vaccine Requirement for Health Care Workers
This article highlights the efforts of Governor Jared Polis of Colorado state to increase the vaccination rates of health care workers at Colorado facilities who serve vulnerable populations and provide essential medical care to patients. Polis has written a formal letter to the state Board of Health asking the state Board of Health to add COVID-19 vaccination requirements for health care workers to their emergency rules.

(08/18/21) Biden: Nursing Home Staff Must Be Vaccinated Against COVID; Booster Shots Avail Starting in Sept.
President Biden announced he plans to make staff vaccinations a condition for nursing homes to receive Medicare and Medicaid funds. The new mandate could take effect as early as next month.

(08/18/21) Healthcare Workers Are Getting Vaccinated. But More Still Need Convincing, US Survey Finds
Although more health care workers are getting vaccinated due to the COVID surges this summer and the Delta Variant, there is still 27 percent that are unvaccinated, according to a new study from the Covid States Project, a collaborative effort by researchers from Northeastern, Harvard, Northwestern, and Rutgers. The study also found that 15 percent of the non vaccinated group are firmly opposed to immunizations.

(08/18/21) US to Require Nursing Home Employees to Get COVID-19 Shots
Biden said that more than 130,000 residents in U.S. nursing homes have died from COVID-19 and that vaccination rates among nursing home employees trail the rest of the country. Biden said studies show that having a highly vaccinated nursing home staff is associated with at least 30 percent fewer COVID-19 cases among residents.

(08/18/21) UPDATE: Hospitals, Health Systems Mandating Vaccines for Workers
This article from Becker’s Hospital Review is a chronological list of healthcare organizations that have announced COVID-19 vaccination mandates. This list will continue to be updated.

(08/16/21) Healthcare Professionals Weigh in After Cuomo Announces Many Will Face Vaccine Mandate
This article looks at health care professionals in New York state reactions to Governor Cuomo’s vaccination requirements for health care workers.

(08/16/21) Cuomo: All New York Hospital, Health Care Workers Must Get COVID-19 Vaccine
A new executive order issued by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo mandates all staff working in hospitals and long-term care facilities in New York State will be required to be vaccinated. This order follows significant increases in COVID-19 cases across the US and in New York, with more than 80 percent of recent COVID-19 cases in New York linked to the Delta variant.

(08/12/21) HHS to Require COVID Vaccine for Agency Health Care Workers
The United States Department of Health and Human Services have recently implemented a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for its clinical and research staff. This requirement applies to all Indian Health Service and National Institutes of Health who interact with patients and serve federally operated health care and clinical research facilities.

(08/10/21) A Quarter of US Hospitals, and Counting, Demand Workers Get Vaccinated. But Not Here.
This article, jointly published by Kaiser Health News and CNN, highlights areas in the United States where vaccine mandates for health care workers are not possible, given state laws prohibiting the action.

(08/07/21) As Trusted Voices, Farmers Could Be Key To Boosting Rural Vaccination Rates
This NPR article attributing low uptake of COVID-19 vaccines to low trust in health authorities explains that local farmers who have long roots in local communities could be a trusted channel for communicating with anti-vaxxers, especially for those who distrust health experts.

(08/04/21) Gov Brown: Oregon Health Care Workers Must Get COVID-19 Vaccination or Weekly Testing
Gov. Kate Brown announced Wednesday that she has directed the Oregon Health Authority to issue a rule outlining new health and safety measures. The policy requires weekly COVID-19 testing for personnel in health care settings or a proof of vaccination. The new rule will be issued this week and applied starting Sept. 30. This will give employers time to prepare for implementation, and will give currently unvaccinated health care workers time to become fully vaccinated. The governor said the new safety measure is necessary to stop delta from causing severe illness.

(08/03/21) CDA Resources Will Help Dentists Comply With State Order Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination or Regular Testing
The California Dental Association is offering tools to help track employee vaccination status following recent mandates for health care workers in California. These tools are aimed to help dental clinics in the state meet compliance requirements.

(08/03/21) UPDATE: Hospitals, Health Systems Mandating Vaccines for Workers
This frequently updated list from Becker’s Hospital Review tracks which major hospitals and health care organizations are mandating vaccination for employees working in their systems.

(08/02/21) Nursing Home Advocates Shift Stance on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for Staff
The latest COVID-19 pandemic surge caused by the COVID-19 delta variant has resulted in several long-term care providers and advocates to strongly suggest vaccination mandates for staff. Long-term care facilities were initially prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination, but vaccination rates among staff are much lower than vaccination rates among residents.

(08/02/21) NJ Gov. Murphy Mandates Vaccines for State Health-Care and Other Front-Line Workers
New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, has released a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for state health care workers and other front-line workers. The deadline for staff in hospitals, corrections facilities, and assisted living facilities to get vaccinated is September 7, 2021. Unvaccinated employees will be required to get tested for COVID-19 twice a week.

(08/02/21) Flattening the Curve: Are Vaccination Mandates a Viable Strategy for Hospitals?
This article from JDSupra considers the potential for vaccine mandates for hospital workers to impact number of infections of COVID-19 within their health care facilities, as well as the legal and ethical implications of vaccination.

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