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Health Professions Regulation in the U.S.

Webinar Title: Health Professions Regulation in the U.S.: What Are the Issues?

Presenters: Jean Moore, Director, New York Center for Health Workforce Studies

Elizabeth Carter, Executive Director of the Virginia Board of Health Professions

When: March 12th, 2014 at 2:00pm EDT

Length: 1 hour

Slides: HWTAC_Webinar_Health_Professions_Regulation_in_US

Description: In the U.S., the primary responsibility for health professions regulation falls to states. There is concern that this approach is not well-suited to respond to the workforce challenges faced in a health care delivery system that is undergoing rapid transformation. This webinar describes the aspects of health professions regulation that constrain effective and efficient use of the health workforce and offer recommendations to strengthen scope of practice decision-making. Also discusses an innovative approach used in Virginia to address proposed scope of practice expansions.

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