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Characteristics of the Rural Behavioral Health Workforce: A Survey of Medicaid/Medicare Reimbursed Providers

Date: 20181001Authors: Angela Beck, Jessica Buche, Cory PageResearch Center: Behavioral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Behavioral Health, Medicaid

This study seeks to understand the characteristics of the behavioral health workforce in rural areas, the services offered by rural provider organizations, and the barriers these organizations face to providing services.

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Scopes of Practice and Reimbursement Patterns of Addiction Counselors, Community Health Workers, and Peer Recovery Specialists in the Behavioral Health Workforce

Date: 20180901Authors: Angela Beck, Jessica Buche, Cory Page, Danielle Rittman, Maria GaiserResearch Center: Behavioral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Behavioral Health, Medicaid, Scope of Practice

This study cataloged credential requirements, scope of practice (SOP) elements, and Medicaid reimbursement rates for addiction counselors, community health workers, and peer recovery specialists across the country to better understand how these workers can contribute to behavioral health service delivery.

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The Effects of the Implementation of Patient-Centered Medical Home on Staffing and Productivity in Community Health Centers

Date: 20180901Authors: Jeongyoung Park, Patricia Pittman, Xiaoli WuResearch Center: GW Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Staffing, Productivity

This study examined the workforce transformation occurring in community health centers (CHCs) that have achieved patient-centered medical home (PCMH) recognition, and assessed changes in staffing and productivity before and after the adoption of PCMH in CHCs between 2007 and 2013.

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Emerging Roles and Occupations in the Health Workforce

Date: 20180801Authors: Bianca Frogner, Benjamin Stubbs, Susan SkillmanResearch Center: University of Washington Center for Health Workforce StudiesTopics: Allied Health, Career Pathways

This study identifies how five domains of emerging roles in healthcare have been incorporated into the job titles and descriptions of healthcare occupations by using Real Time Labor Market Information from LinkUp, a job search engine company.

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Community-Based Palliative Care Leader Perspectives on Staffing, Recruitment, and Training

Date: 20180401Authors: Susan Chapman, Nancy Dudley, Joanne SpetzResearch Center: UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term CareTopics: Staffing, Training

This qualitative descriptive study assesses perspectives of US community-based palliative care program leaders on staffing, recruitment, and training.

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Dementia Care Specialist Workforce in California: Role, Practice, Training, and Demand 

Date: 20180201Authors: Brooke Hollister, Susan Chapman, Jason FlattResearch Center: UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term CareTopics: Behavioral Health, Long-Term Care

This study characterizes the roles, practice, training and current demand for dementia care specialists.

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Trends in the Provision of Oral Health Services by Federally Qualified Health Centers

Date: 20180101Authors: Margaret Langelier, Simona SurduResearch Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Medicaid

This report summarizes trends in the direct provision of oral health services by federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) over recent years and factors that predict the likelihood of an FQHC providing direct general and/or specialty oral health services.

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The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Community Health Center Staffing

Date: 20170901Authors: Ellen Kurtzman, Jeongyoung Park, Xinxin Han, Patricia PittmanResearch Center: GW Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Community Health Center, Staffing, Medicaid

The primary objective of this study was to examine the effects of state Medicaid expansion on community health center staffing.

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The Evolving Pipeline of Hispanic Dentists in the United States

Date: 20170801Authors: Elizabeth Mertz, Cynthia Wides, Zeeshan Raja, Aubri Kottek, Paul GatesResearch Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Diversity

This study examines the trends in Hispanic/Latino (H/L) dentists’ education and pathways to practice; analyzes practice patterns of H/L dentists by pathway; and describes the licensure and educational environment for foreign-trained dentists (FTDs), with a focus on opportunities to enhance workforce diversity and improve access to care for both underserved and H/L populations.

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Trends in the Development of the Dental Service Organization Model: Implications for the Oral Health Workforce and Access to Services

Date: 20170801Authors: Margaret Langelier, Shen Wang, Simona Surdu, Elizabeth Mertz, Cynthia WidesResearch Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health

In this report, the researchers identify and analyze data describing dental support organizations (DSOs), including interviews with DSOs to understand the qualitative aspects and benefits of management alliances.

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