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DocFlows: A Web-Based, Interactive App to Explore the Interstate Migration of Residents-in-Training and Practicing Physicians

While federal GME reform efforts have stalled, states have become increasingly active in determining ways to target Medicaid and state appropriations toward producing the workforce needed to meet population health needs. However, states have voiced the need for better data to determine where to target these funds and evaluate their return on investment (ROI).

To address this gap, we developed the DocFlows data visualization tool. The DocFlows app (http://docflows.unc.edu) allows users to query, download and share maps and graphs of interstate moves by residents and actively practicing physicians in 35 specialties. Data can be used by state and federal policy makers to understand where their physician workforce is trained and where their trainees are moving.

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This report was produced by the Carolina Health Workforce Research Center. For additional information and resources, visit: www.shepscenter.unc.edu