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COVID-19 & The Health Workforce

The health care delivery system is on the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic. There is concern that acute care infrastructure and equipment may be insufficient to meet need for care and efforts are underway to address these issues. Importantly, there is a critical need to develop effective strategies to assure the availability of a sufficiently sized and well-trained health workforce to care for patients during the pandemic. Strategies must also be considered to replenish workforce supply as health workers fall ill, are quarantined, or need respite.

This site is dedicated to sharing resources on efforts to develop, deploy, and replenish the health workforce in response to the pandemic. Four key areas of focus are:

Surge Capacity Strategies
Articles, blogs, and reports about health workforce capacity issues and strategies

Health Workforce Policies and Guidelines
Policies and guidelines (including furloughs) that have been implemented because of COVID-19

Information about how COVID-19 has changed the use of telehealth to provide health care, including access, scope of practice, and regulatory changes at the state, federal, and organizational levels.

Health Workforce Safety
Information about the risks to healthcare workers and the strategies to protect them from COVID-19

Maintaining the Educational Pipeline
Organizational guidelines and commentaries addressing the education and deployment of health care trainees during the pandemic

Regulatory Flexibility
Executive orders and regulatory changes to promote the effective use of the health workforce

State Workforce Strategies
State specific workforce strategies addressing COVID-19

HWRC COVID-19 Resources
Each of the health workforce research centers (HWRCs) across the US are assisting in these efforts. These are specific resources developed by the HWRCs.

We will be continually updating this site to provide the most up-to-date information and policy changes as they unfold.

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