Data Analysis

Data analysis refers to the process of examining data to obtain useful information. Health workforce researchers use a variety of data analytic techniques including basic counts of practitioners and complex supply and demand projection models. The primary goal of data analysis is to inform and support decision-making.

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Small Area Analysis

Topics: Data Analysis, Small Area Analysis

October 19, 2020
Small Area Analysis (SAA) is a research technique used to analyze variations in health service utilization and resource allocation among neighboring communities. This web page provides answers to common questions about SAA, and access to helpful tools, resources, and related articles.
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Authors: Simona Surdu | Elizabeth Mertz | Margaret Langelier | Jean Moore

Topics: Data Analysis, Diversity, Oral Health, Staffing

September 16, 2020
This study analyzed gender differences in dental practice using the American Dental Association’s 2010-2016 Masterfile and the 2017 Survey of Dental Practice.
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Authors: Erica Richman | Brianna Lombardi | Lisa de Saxe Zerden

Topics: Data Analysis, Health Information Technology, Staffing

July 1, 2020
This research brief uses electronic health record data to describe the mix of profession­als identifying and addressing pa­tient Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).
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Authors: Simona Surdu | Margaret Langelier | Chelsea Fosse | Qiushuang Li

Topics: Data Analysis, Education and Training, Oral Health

May 28, 2020
This report evaluates the attitudes and willingness of general and specialty dentists to treat people with special needs and identifies the barriers to greater participation by dentists in the care of these patients.
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State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory

Topics: Data Analysis, Data Collection, Data Visualization

May 21, 2020

The State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory describes findings from a survey about data collection on health workforce supply (eg, demographic, education, and practice characteristics of health professionals), demand (eg, vacancies and employer recruitment and retention difficulties), and the education pipeline (eg, graduation rates and trainee/graduate characteristics). The data collection survey is ongoing and the […]

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