Tools & Resources

Below are various tools and resources on small area analysis (SAA) you may find helpful.

United States Census Bureau: Small Area Estimation 

The United States Census Bureau’s Center for Statistical Research and Methodology (CSRM) identifies potential research problems and applications of SAA.

University of Kansas’ Community Toolbox: Using Small Area Analysis to Uncover Disparities

The University of Kansas describes how a SAA can be used to uncover disparities across geographic areas.

CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator

The CDC Community Health Improvement (CHI) Navigator is a website for people who lead or participate in CHI work within hospitals and health systems, public health agencies, and other community organizations.

CARES Engagement Network Community Health Needs Assessment Report

The CARES Engagement Network is an interactive destination for community leaders and decision-makers. The site features interactive maps, reports, and resources to serve all cities and counties across the United States.

Communities in AARP’s Livability Index

AARP developed the Livability Index, a ground-breaking tool that uses more than 50 national data sources and 60 indicators spread across 7 categories to jump-start community conversations about livability and encourage action by consumers and policymakers alike.

Kaiser Permanente CHNA: Vulnerable Populations Footprint

Kaiser Permanente provides a resource that assists with facilitating community health needs assessments and fostering community collaboration. This resource is used to understand what is really driving health in communities and to prioritize those issues that require immediate attention.

Population Health Profiler

HealthLandscape and the Community Vital Sign application suite is a mapping tool that provides service area and social determinants of health mapping and small area health estimates for the largest 500 cities in the United States.

UDS Mapper

The UDS Mapper is a required tool when applying for funding through the Health Center Program. It is built from ZIP Code level Health Center Program reporting data found within the UDS that are paired with other sources of population data.

Mapping High-Risk Areas for COVID-19

HealthLandScape has developed a mapping tool specific to identifying high-risk areas for COVID-19.

Community Assessment Tools: County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

This tool (from Rotary International) provides detailed descriptions, planning tips, and, in some cases, samples for several types of assessment.

Healthy People 2020 Program-planning: Assess

This tool provided by Health People NY provides a framework for program planning.