Wyoming Data Collection

Wyoming Department of Health – Office of Rural Health

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The Wyoming Department of Health, Office of Rural Health implements the following programs: 1) Wyoming Healthcare Professional Loan Repayment Program: Provides loan repayment grants to physicians, dentists, and allied healthcare professionals in exchange for their practice for 3 years in areas of greatest need; 2) Wyoming Physician Recruitment Grant Program: Helps medically under-served communities recruit physicians Medicare Rural Hospital; 3) Flexibility Grant Program: Supports Wyoming’s 16 Critical Access Hospitals in quality/performance improvement, nurse leadership training, and integration of emergency medical services; and 4) Primary Care Office: Manages geographic, low income, and facility shortage area designations, and provides technical assistance in eligibility issues for federal programs. The Primary Care Office also conducts a census of providers practicing in Wyoming to obtain hours of direct patient care, percentage of hours used for medicaid patients, number of assistants, etc.

Workforce Supply Data

Data collected for:These professions    
Data collected through:Survey that is not part of the licensing process             
Survey that is part of the licensing process             
Telephone interview    
In-person interview             
The survey is:Mandatory             
Not Mandatory    
Data collected on:Every Individual    
Sample of Individuals             
Types of information collected:Demographic characteristics    
Educational background    
Practice characteristics    
Data collected at:One time only             
Regular intervals