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Rural Health and Primary Care (RHPC) aims to meet the following priorities and goals: Access – To increase access to quality health care services for rural and underserved populations; Quality – To improve the quality of care provided at Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics; Sustainability – To improve financial and operational outcomes of Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics; and Workforce – To increase the number of health care providers serving rural and underserved populations. RHPC houses the Primary Care Office (PCO), State Office of Rural Health (SORH), the Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex), the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP), the State Loan Repayment Program, the J-1 Visa Waiver (Conrad 30) program, and the Health Professions Data Center (HPDC). The HPDC was developed to collect supply and capacity data from health care professionals to estimate current and anticipated primary care supply and capacity. Provider surveys are implemented during the license renewal cycle with the respective health professions licensing boards. Legislation was passed in 2019 to require participating providers to complete the survey or opt-out form as a condition of renewal. The following provider types are surveyed: physicians, PAs, APRNs, psychologists, LADC/MLADCs, dentists, RDHs, LICSWs, LCMHCs, LMFTs, LPPs.

Workforce Supply Surveys

Workforce Supply Data

Data collected for:These professions     
Data collected through:Survey that is not part of the licensing process             
Survey that is part of the licensing process       
Telephone interview             
In-person interview             
The survey is:Mandatory       
Not Mandatory             
Data collected on:Every Individual       
Sample of Individuals             
Types of information collected:Demographic characteristics       
Educational background       
Practice characteristics       
Data collected at:One time only             
Regular intervals