Nevada Data Collection

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Office of Statewide Initiatives, Center for Nevada Health Workforce Research Center

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M Tabor Griswold

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The mission of the Health Workforce Research and Policy Program in the Office of Statewide Initiatives is to improve the quantity and quality of information and analysis about health care workforce supply and demand in Nevada. Assists health education institutions and policymakers in Nevada understand Nevada’s need for well-prepared health professionals and to better inform investments in Nevada’s health care workforce and health care system. The Health Workforce Research and Policy Program aims to be the most trusted source for health care workforce data and analysis in Nevada.

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health-Primary Care Office

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Joseph J Tucker

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The Primary Care Office is funded by HRSA to support HPSA and MUA/P designations, to promote NHSC programs, and to administer J-1 Physician Visa Waiver programs. Statewide surveys are conducted with providers for primary, dental, and mental health care in order to determine population to provider ratios, which are an essential component of shortage designations. The data collected are standard for all state PCOs funded by HRSA.

Workforce Supply Surveys

Workforce Supply Data

Data collected for:These professions           
Data collected through:Survey that is not part of the licensing process           
Survey that is part of the licensing process           
Telephone interview           
In-person interview             
The survey is:Mandatory             
Not Mandatory           
Data collected on:Every Individual             
Sample of Individuals           
Types of information collected:Demographic characteristics             
Educational background             
Practice characteristics           
Data collected at:One time only             
Regular intervals