Week 17 Newsletter

August 4th 2020 Updates

Surge Capacity Strategies
As hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients increase in much of the United States, surge capacity remains an important focus.

There is more emphasis on nursing retention and recruitment as nationwide shortages appear to be exacerbated by COVID-19.

Health Workforce Policies and Guidelines
Hospitals and health systems are starting to bring back workers furloughed earlier in the year, while some focus on how to recruit new providers.

Policies are being proposed to address barriers to care for COVID-19 patients with limited English proficiency.

There is continued attention to the use of telehealth both during and after the pandemic.
Long-term Care
Long-term care facilities are facing COVID-related challenges and there are calls for reform.

As long-term care facilities continue to bear a sizable share of COVID-19 deaths, rapid testing in these facilities becomes more important.

Health Workforce Safety
A research team at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health has announced a study to evaluate the effectiveness of antiseptic agents to protect frontline health care workers treating patients with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The well-being of the health workforce continues to be an important focus for maintaining safety in the workplace.

Regulatory Flexibility
New reports on the impacts of regulatory changes on long-term care facilities are available, including an assessment of what went well and what failed in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Regulatory Flexibility Resources