Maintaining the Educational Pipeline

Organizational guidelines and commentaries addressing the education and deployment of health care trainees during the pandemic.

(01/19/2021) My COVID-19 Dream: Training Enough Health Workers
This Lancet article discusses how current health workers can use their knowledge learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to help train medical students and prepare them for future pandemics or health crises.

(12/18/20) Only 7 of Stanford’s First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents
Medical residents are an essential workforce treating patients infected with COVID-19, however their needs are not always prioritized by health systems. An investigation from ProPublica found that medical residents were not prioritized for vaccination over physicians who do not usually treat patients.

(12/07/20) ‘Fauci Effect’ Drives Medical School Interest as US Faces Physician Shortage
Medical schools across the United States are reporting substantial rises in applications, with the Association of American Medical Colleges reporting an 18% increase in 2020 compared to 2019. This article from NPR covers the change.

(12/04/20) Thanksgiving on the Front Lines: Doctors Working the Holiday Share Stories of Grief, Stress, and Hope
With cases and hospitalizations for COVID-19 rising across the United States, more health care providers are needed to treat patients during the holiday season. In this article from AAMCNews, physicians from academic medical centers share their experiences working through the Thanksgiving holiday in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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