Health Workforce Policies and Guidelines – Archive

(04/27/20) Telehealth Strategies
This National Governors Association memorandum discusses strategies for governors seeking to improve coverage and access to telehealth services in a manner that best addresses the COVID -19 pandemic.

(04/20/20) Health Care Workforce is Recession Proof. Is it ‘Pandemic Proof?’
An article about the job threat health care workers are facing-pay cuts, furloughs, and layoffs-amid the worse disease outbreak in a century.

(04/06/20) Gubernatorial Strategies for Health Care Workforce and Facility Capacity
This memorandum from the National Governors Association discusses strategies for governors to increase the capacity of the health care workforce in responding to COVID-19.

(04/06/20) States Address Provider Shortages to Meet the Health Care Demands of the Pandemic
An article on the National Academy for State Health Policy website that looks at strategies states are using to address provider shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategies discussed include: expanding scope of practice, relicensing retired providers, and amending out of state licensing laws.

(04/01/20) The Respiratory Therapist Workforce in the U.S. Supply, Distribution, Education Pathways, and State Responses to Emergency Surges in Demand
This Rapid Response Brief from the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the University of Washington provides information about the respiratory therapist workforce in the US. It includes descriptions of the supply, distribution, and education pathways of the workforce. The brief also addresses COVID-19 emergency concerns about the respiratory therapist workforce capacity and examples of state approaches to address workforce gaps.