Elizabeth Mertz, PhD

Associate professor, Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Services, School of Dentistry, and the Healthforce Center, at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

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April 13, 2021
This webinar focuses on the dental therapy movement and examines the role of health equity in its adoption.
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Authors: Elizabeth Mertz | Aubri Kottek | Miranda Werts | Margaret Langelier

Topics: Data Visualization, Oral Health, Scope of Practice (SOP)

February 9, 2021
This interactive infographic describes the status of dental therapy in the US and details the specific requirements in state laws and regulations that define dental therapy practice.
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Authors: Miranda Werts | Ginachukwa Amah | Elizabeth Mertz

Topics: Oral Health, Policy, Rural Health

October 1, 2020
This report examines the alignment of policy and infrastructure with evidence-based workforce strategies to increase access to oral health services for rural populations. Research focuses on best practices as well as the barriers and facilitators to effective implementation of workforce strategies to increase the availability of oral health services.
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Authors: Simona Surdu | Elizabeth Mertz | Margaret Langelier | Jean Moore

Topics: Diversity, Health Workforce Journal Supplement, Oral Health

September 16, 2020
This study analyzed gender differences in dental practice using the American Dental Association’s 2010-2016 Masterfile and the 2017 Survey of Dental Practice.
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Authors: Ginachukwu Amah | Matthew Jura | Elizabeth Mertz

Topics: Education and Training, Oral Health

August 15, 2019
This report assesses the impacts of HRSA's postgraduate dental training programs on current practice patterns of 'completers' of these programs and on improving the capacity of dentists to meet the needs of the underserved.
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