Amanda Mauri, MPH

Doctoral Research Assistant, Health Management and Policy Department, University of Michigan School of Public Health

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Authors: Cory Page | Amanda Mauri | Kyle Grazier | Jessica Buche | Maria Gaiser

Topics: Behavioral Health, Integration and Collaboration, Medicaid

January 16, 2020
This report helps to inform managers and policy makers at the local, state, and federal levels of viable financing arrangements to promote these and future novel approaches to delivering high quality, accessible, sustained behavioral health care to communities and vulnerable populations.
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Authors: Amanda Mauri | Maria Gaiser | Jessica Buche | Angela Beck

Topics: Behavioral Health, Medicaid

January 7, 2020
This cross-sectional study examines the relationship between reimbursement and behavioral health provider geographic distribution and seeks to understand how Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for behavioral health providers may limit service delivery.
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