Current Projects

Resources to Assist in Health Workforce Planning

The Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center (HWTAC) is engaged in a number of technical assistance initiatives aimed at states and organizations that need assistance with health workforce data collection, analysis and dissemination.

COVID-19 Resource

Develop and Maintain a Webpage on COVID-19 Impacts on the Health Workforce

HWTAC developed a section on the HWTAC website dedicated to providing planners and policy makers with up-to-date information on COVID-19 and the health workforce. HWTAC will continue to maintain and develop this site. HWTAC views this as a long-term effort that will eventually include “lessons learned.”

HWRC Dissemination

Disseminating the Work of HRSA-funded Health Workforce Research Centers (HWRCs)

  • Continued implementation of the Health Workforce Research Alert System
  • Produce an Annual HWRC Report
  • Assist with the management of quarterly Center Director calls
  • Continue to support research journal supplements that include manuscripts based on HRSA-funded work of the HWRCs

State Impacts of COVID-19

Study of Impacts of COVID-19 on the Health Workforce of States

Working in collaboration with George Washington University, HWTAC will conduct key informant interviews to learn more about state-specific strategies to expand their health workforce in response to COVID-19 as well as the extent to which health workers in some settings were furloughed during the pandemic as access to basic health services was ‘paused’. Products for this work may include up to 2 manuscripts/reports focused on the surge and flex workforce expansion strategies undertaken by states and the extent to which health worker furloughs occurred at the height of the pandemic that resulted from ‘pausing’ some routine health services.

Promote the 2018 NSSRN

Promoting the Availability and Use of the 2018 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (NSSRN) Data

Working collaboratively with a noted nursing workforce researcher, HWTAC will develop 2 manuscripts for publication in a peer-reviewed journal based on analysis of the 2018 NSSRN data.

Manuscript 1 will be an analysis of the racial and ethnic composition of the RN workforce, including differences by earnings, work settings, education and geographic region.

Manuscript 2 will examine characteristics of nurse practitioners and registered nurses working in primary care and geriatric care.

Technical Assistance

Providing Support for Effective Health Workforce Planning

HWTAC will provide training and assistance to planners, policy makers, and researchers on strategies that support effective health workforce data collection, analysis, and dissemination. This initiative will employ a variety of methods, including webinars, virtual workshops, research briefs, issue-specific HWTAC webpages, and reports. Specific activities include:

  • Maintaining the State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory
  • Providing technical assistance to the Virgin Island Primary Care Office
  • ArcGIS tutorials for health workforce research

Models of Behavioral Health Care

Provide Data About the 4 Models of Behavioral Health Care

HWTAC will provide data and information about the 4 models of behavioral health care being studied by the University of Michigan’s Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center (BHWRC). The 4 behavioral health models of care are:

  • Behavioral health integration into primary care
  • Telehealth and its impact on behavioral health care delivery
  • The collaborative care model
  • Coordinated care for first episode psychosis