Current Projects

Resources to Assist in Health Workforce Planning

The Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center (HWTAC) is engaged in a number of technical assistance initiatives aimed at states and organizations that need assistance with health workforce data collection, analysis and dissemination.

Technical Assistance

Provide Support for Effective Health Workforce Planning

HWTAC will provide training and assistance to planners, policy makers, and researchers on strategies that support effective health workforce data collection, analysis, and dissemination. This initiative will employ a variety of methods, including webinars, reports, briefs, and issue-specific HWTAC webpages. Specific activities include:

  • HWTAC webinar series (eg, health equity, impact of COVID-19, etc.)
  • ArcGIS tutorials for health workforce research

HWRC Dissemination

Disseminate the Work of HRSA-funded Health Workforce Research Centers

HWTAC will promote and disseminate the work of the Health Workforce Research Centers (HWRCs) funded under cooperative agreements with HRSA’s National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (NCHWA) and information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Specific activities include:

  • Webinars featuring HWRC research
  • Continued implementation of the Health Workforce Research Alert System
  • Producing an Annual HWRC Report
  • Assisting with the management of quarterly HWRC director calls
  • Maintain and continue to develop a webpage on the impact of COVID-19 on the health workforce

Community of Practice

Support the State Health Workforce Planning, Research, and Policy Community of Practice

HWTAC will create opportunities to bring together a community of state stakeholders, including health workforce planners, researchers, and policy makers to facilitate the sharing of information on topics of interest, including health workforce data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Specific activities will include:

  • Virtual meetings on topics of interest to community participants
  • Maintaining and expanding the State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory
  • Developing an interactive online tool to compare how different states ask the same health workforce survey questions (eg, setting, education background, etc.)

Pandemic Disruptions to Education Pipeline

Assessment of Pandemic Disruptions to the Health Professions Education Pipeline

HWTAC will closely examine COVID-19’s impact on the health professions education pipeline. The study will include key informant interviews, and an analysis of primary (eg, NY Resident Exit Survey) and secondary data sources (eg, IPEDS) when appropriate. Final products will include research briefs, a report, and webinars, as appropriate.

Compendium of Federal Data Sources

Update Compendium of Federal Data Sources to Support Health Workforce Analysis

HWTAC will update the Compendium of Federal Data Sources to Support Health Workforce Analysis which was developed for HRSA in 2017. This update will include a full evaluation of the existing data sources and a comprehensive review of potential data sources to include in the compendium. HWTAC will also disseminate the updated compendium.