Current Projects

Resources to Assist in Health Workforce Planning

The Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center (HWTAC) is engaged in a number of technical assistance initiatives aimed at states and organizations that need assistance with health workforce data collection, analysis and dissemination.

Community of Practice

Provide a Forum for the State Health Workforce Planning, Research, and Policy Community of Practice

Building on the success of a past initiative, HWTAC will continue to engage the state health workforce planning, research, and policy community of practice in the areas of data collection, analysis, and dissemination. The community of practice includes individuals working in primary care offices, state health departments, area health education centers, and licensing bodies, among others.

HWRC Dissemination

Disseminate the Work of HRSA-funded Health Workforce Research Centers (HWRCs)

Building on the success of past efforts, HWTAC will promote and disseminate the work of the HWRCs through its Health Workforce Research Alert System, publishing an annual report, and coordinating HWRC activities with HRSA. The project will ensure that states and organizations have ready access to the most recent health workforce research available.

Webinar Series

Webinar Series on Health Workforce Data Collection, Analysis, Dissemination, and Research

Keeping up-to-date with information on current health workforce issues, such as health equity and COVID-19, remains difficult. Responding to this need, HWTAC will organize and host a series of webinars on topics of current relevance to health workforce planners, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Online Resources

Provide Resources for Effective Health Workforce Planning and Research

HWTAC will maintain and develop resources to support stakeholders including planners, policy makers, and researchers on strategies for effective health workforce planning and research. This initiative will employ a variety of methods, including developing training videos and publishing issue-specific HWTAC webpages (eg, State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory).

Health Workforce Research Center Symposium

Planners and policy makers require up-to-date research that addresses current health workforce issues. Responding to this need, HWTAC will host an in-person event to discuss the recent work of the HWRCs to ensure their findings reach those who could benefit most from them.

Pandemic Disruptions to Education Pipeline

Assessment of Pandemic Disruptions to the Health Professions Education Pipeline

HWTAC will continue to examine COVID-19 impacts on the health professions education pipeline with a focus on nursing and medical residency programs. The study will include key informant interviews, and an analysis of primary and secondary data sources.